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Virginia Indigent Defense Commission

Attorney Certification System (ACeS)


You may use our online Attorney Certification System (ACeS) to apply for or renew your certification to accept court appointed cases. The following link will allow you to begin the application process:

Attorney Certification System (ACeS) - Login Page (If you are unsure of whether you have previously opened an account please contact (804) 662-7249 ext. 139 before proceeding to the ACeS Login Page.)

**Please note: If you are applying for felony and/or juvenile certification and you have completed five cases in the last five years, you MUST take the certification training to be certified for felony and/or juvenile appointments.

Instructions for ACeS (initial certification)

Instructions for ACeS (renewal)

Instructions for ACeS (Adding Additional Case Types)



Initial Certification Application

Initial Certification Application (Current Prosecutor) -If you are a current prosecutor or would like to use your previous legal experience as a prosecutor to be granted a waiver, please fill out this version of the application.

Re-certification Application

Initial Capital Certification Application

To guarantee inclusion on the Certified Court Appointed Attorney List, please submit your completed application to:

Attorney Certification
Virginia Indigent Defense Commission
1604 Santa Rosa Road, Suite 200
Richmond, VA 23229
Fax (804) 662-7359

For further information, please contact:

Attorney Certification Verification: Ms. Brandon Ellis ( (804) 662-7249, ext. 139)

Certification Attorney: Ms. Rebecca Norris ( (804) 662-7249, ext. 134)







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